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Agapanthus are South African lilies which are quite easy to cultivate, with some species being completely deciduous in all climates and others being evergreen but liable to getting the foliage frosted off in harder climates.They grow best in warm sunny conditions with a moderately fertile soil, but are very tolerant of a wide range of conditions, as long as the drainage is not poor. They also make excellent container plants if fertilised with slow release fertiliser each spring.

The Headbourne Hybrids are a race of mostly deciduous hybrids raised in The U.K. with a dwarf to medium sized growth habit that range in colour from white to deep navy blue. Each area where agapanthus are cultivated seems to have its local selections, but some named forms are raised as seedlines, so are not necessarily uniform.

Agapanthus are easily propagated by division or seed in the early spring, or selected forms are propagated by tissue culture.

The plants on this page are new selections at various stages of evaluation.

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Agapanthus Snowcloud

NA-bullet2.gif (202 bytes) "Snowcloud"; Flower stems 90cm, up to 1m in semi shade, with 3-400 florets, as well as secondary stems with fewer florets all of which are scented. This is a hybrid of A. inapertis and was selected to start a breeding line since it flowers very prolificly.

Now available from Parva Plants at or outside New Zealand, contact Lifetech Laboratories for plant material.

Agapanthus Platinum Pink   Agapanthus Platinum Pearl

 NA-bullet2.gif (202 bytes)"Platinum Pearl";Snowcloud seedling. Stems85cm-90cm tall.Up to 170 florets per head, 60 on secondary stems. Usually 2, often 3 stems per crown.

 NA-bullet2.gif (202 bytes)"Platinum Pink"; Snowcloud seedling. Stems 70-90 cm tall. 90-120 florets per stem. Usually 2 stems per crown.

Agapanthus Stormcloud Mini    Agapanthus Small Dark

NA-bullet2.gif (202 bytes) "Stormcloud Mini"; Inapertis f2 hybrid. Stems up to 100cm semi shade in ground, 65-70cm potted,slightly drawn.40-50florets per stem. 1 stem per crown (6 into culture at 25.4.97)

 NA-bullet2.gif (202 bytes)"Small Dark"; Blue dwarf x patens.Stem 73cm, slightly drawn (only 1 97).45 florets.

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As the "Platinum" sisters show, it appears that various  colours can be produced with the somewhat optimistic goal of a clear pink and possibly red. A red form was reputedly in cultivation in The U.K. last century.

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