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Agave filifera just sprouting the tip of the stem Agave filifera stem about a week old. Agave filifera in flower.

Agave filifera

These pictures are of an Agave filifera clone I have had for about 25 years in several gardens

and over that time the original one flowered, and now one of the oldest offsets has too.

They are about 10-15 years old when they flower and grow as fast as six inches a day at times.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who can positively name this species, since

I was told there are possibly two botanical forms of A. filifera.

One form is solitary and produces no offsets, and has a flower stem about 5m (15-18') tall,

and this form produces many offsets and also produces a single stem, but to only about 4m.

Please email if you can help with information.


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