Vanplant Grafting

Nation wide grafting and budding  services in both a practical and advisory capacity, (international work considered).
Taranaki based operator with extensive experience offered on an hourly or contract rate.
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Below is a table outlining the grafting experience to draw on as accumulated over the last 25 years.
Extensive experience denotes several hundreds over several seasons, whereas limited denotes enough experience to know what works well and what does not - often only limited by amounts of material available to work with at any one time.

Plant type/species budding grafting Comment
Acer negundo extensive    
Acer palmatum extensive extensive experience with Chimeras in cultivars
Acer platanoides limited    
Acer pseudoplatanus limited    
Actinidia spp extensive extensive  
Aesculus spp. limited    
Agathis spp.   limited  
Albizzia julibrissen limited    
Amelanchier spp. limited    
Araucaria spp.   limited  
Avocado limited extensive  
Betula pendula extensive extensive  
Cacti   limited  
Camellias extensive limited  
Castanea sativa extensive    
Cercidophyllum japonica limited limited  
Cercis spp extensive    
Cherimoya limited limited  
Chimonanthus praecox extensive extensive  
Citrus extensive extensive  
Conifers asssorted spp limited extensive  
Cornus contraversa extensive    
Cornus florida extensive    
Cornus kousa extensive    
Corylopsis spp limited    
Euphorbia   limited  
Fagus sylvatica extensive extensive  
Feijoa sellowiana   extensive  
Fraxinus spp extensive    
Ginkgo biloba extensive extensive  
Gleditsia tricanthos extensive limited  
Hamamelis spp extensive limited  
Hibiscus syriacus limited    
Liriodendron extensive    
Macadamia very limited    
Magnolia extensive extensive Including evergreen/deciduous combinations
Malus extensive extensive  
Michelia spp extensive extensive  
Pepino limited limited  
Persimon extensive limited  
Prunus spp extensive extensive  
Pyrus spp extensive limited  
Quercus spp. limited    
Rhododendron extensive    
Robinia spp. extensive limited  
Roses limited extensive  
Sophora spp limited    
Taxodium   extensive  
Telopea extensive    
Vaccinium corymbosum limited limited  
Wisteria floribunda limited limited  

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