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M. grandiflora              M. liliflora nigra

Our climate is ideal for magnolias with the even rainfall and free draining soil, but the soil is light and its volcanic nature means it is low in phosphates. Varieties such as Vulcan which is the reddest variety in NZ, raised locally, usually improve in other areas with soils more suited to the nutrient requirements of magnolias. Magnolia Dark Shadow has been tried locally and performed quite poorly colourwise.

We often enjoy the beauty of magnolias inside by picking them when they are first opening,with at least one or two tepals unfurled. Ideally the top of the stigmatic column should still have a glistening look about it which means it is just opening and still female receptive. They should be put into water as soon as they have been cut, and if in not too hot a place, will last a week or more in water, depending on variety. The best results we have had are with M. x Heaven Scent, which unfortunately does not live up to its name, but in our conditions reproduces the beautiful pink of M. campbellii very well.

If black spotting on the leaves is a problem this is best prevented by a copper spray at the appropriate strength. It is more prevalent in warm, humid conditions.

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Magnolia Glenn Magnolias:

acuminata var. subcordata Koban Dori zone 4 A Japanese selection, 'Golden Plate Bird'
Ann zone 5
Apollo zone 7 A Felix Jury hybrid raised locally.
Athene zone 7 " " " " " " " " " " .
Atlas zone 7 " " " " " " " " " " .
x brooklynensis Eva Maria zone 6
" " Woodsman zone 6
Caerhay's Surprise zone 8 An English hybrid.
campbelli alba (Duncan and Davies form) zone 8 A form raised locally from Indian seed.
" " " Strybing White zone 8 From Strybing Arboretum
" " ssp. mollicomata Bernie Hollard zone 8 Local raised form from English seed.
" " " " : Lanarth zone 8 Famous English selection.
cylindrica zone 7
delavayii zone 7
denudata zone 6
" " Forrest's Pink zone 6 A M. sprengeri diva hybrid.
Eleanor May----a variety too good to chop out but not good enough to plant new
Elizabeth zone 6
Freeman zone 8
Galaxy zone 6
grandiflora Little Gem zone 8
" " Maryland zone 8
" " Russet zone 8
Heaven Scent zone 7
Iolanthe zone 7
Iolanthe x liliflora Nigra seedling
liliflora zone 7
" " Nigra zone 6
x loebneri Leonard Messel zone 5
" " Merril zone 6
macrophylla zone 8
Manchu Fan zone 6
Margaret Helen zone 7 (tentative zone) Local hybrid.Magnolia 'Margaret Helen'
Peppermint Stick zone 6
Picture zone 7
Pinkie zone 5
Royal Crown this var.was removed in favor of another seedling which is subtlly better, but R.C. is worth adding to a collection.
Ruby zone 6
Serene zone 7 Felix Jury hybrid.
sieboldii zone6
soulangeana (nz trade clone, not named as yet but good enough to be named)
" " Amabilis zone 6
" " Lennei zone 6
" " Lennei Alba zone 6
" " Rustica Rubra zone 6
" " San Jose zone 6
" " Sweet Simplicity zone 6 Locally selected hybrid.
" " Verbanica zone 6
Spectrum -----not performing well zone 6
Starwars zone8 NZ raised liliflora x campbelli.
stellata rosea F.ine V.ariety ---ex Otto Eisenhutt zone 5
" " Rubra zone 5
" " Waterlily zone 5 (Magnolia st. Royal Star is z 4)
Sundance zone 6
Todd Gresham zone 7
x veitchii Peter Veitch zone 7
Vulcan zone 8 A Felix Jury hybrid, very RED.
x weisneri (hypoleuca x sieboldii) zone 7
Yellow Bird zone 6
Yellow Fever zone 6
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doltsopa Silver Clouds zone 9
figo zone 8
x foggii Bubbles zone 8
" " Mixed Up Miss zone 8
" " Touch Of Pink not outstanding -in our soil anyway
yunnanensis Velvet and Cream zone 8

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